How to Win the Super Bowl With the Dallas Cowboys

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How to Win the Super Bowl With the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys is definitely among the most formidable teams in the NFL this year. Their wide receiver duo of Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley have some serious receiving prowess, as Bryant is very likely the best receiver in the NFL this year.

However, for the Cowboys to have any shot at a winning Super Bowl this year, they’ll need their defense to be quite good. And if you watch the Cowboys closely, you’ll notice that their defense hasn’t been all that good this year. So how do they figure to improve their defense and their chances of winning the Super Bowl?

Rookie Linebacker Sean Lee may give them the edge they need. He’s not only a very solid run defender, but he’s also a very strong hitter, meaning he will cause a lot of problems for the opposing offense. If the Cowboys can get Lee on the field early and often, they should be able to make it quite difficult for their opponents to score points on the Dallas Cowboys.

Defensive Tackle Nick Hayden, a second round pick of the Dallas Cowboys, may be able to contribute on the defensive side of the ball this year as well. His best attribute is probably his pass rushing ability, so he’ll be able to take over the game in the Super Bowl. Hopefully, this will be the season that the Cowboys finally find an answer at quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys may need some help at running back this year, as they’re hoping that their new running back by committee of Felix Jones and Joseph Randle can get them an additional yard or two on the ground. That’s not saying that they’re not good enough on their own. But if Jones and Randle can put up big numbers, the Dallas Cowboys should be able to win the Super Bowl, regardless of what offense they play.

Michael Irvin might have been a first round pick and may have even been a first overall pick, but he’s never been a great pass catcher. His biggest strength is his pass-rushing ability, which could be a huge help for the Dallas Cowboys to have in the Super Bowl.

A red zone threat out of the backfield by Lamar Miller may be helpful, as he’s capable of putting up big plays in the red zone. However, it will be important for the Dallas Cowboys to figure out how to get Miller on the field early and often.

The Cowboys are definitely going to need help at running back, but finding a way to get Miller and Irvin on the field together should help the team’s future a great deal. We’ll have to wait and see how the Cowboys figure out how to score points and slow down the offenses in the Super Bowl.