The Odd Thing Caught on Deer Cam

The odd thing caught on deer cam, a video that can give you a glimpse of the wild world we don’t always see, has captured the mystery deer that has been haunting hunters for years. But where did this bizarre animal come from? Where did it go?

odd thing caught on deer cam

There are many places you can turn to for answers to this mystery, but one way is to see what’s known as a blog. Blogs are a great way to get expert opinion and an inside look at where hunting takes us.

Here is where the third generation hunter and wife of a hunter met. We all knew the odd thing caught on deer cam had to be a third generation hunter and were curious to find out who this strange animal was and how long they had been stalking us.

Well, we had what we thought was information but we could not find where the information came from. So we did some more research and found more answers. The owner of the blog gave us permission to use some of the information, so here is what we found.

I guess the word “family” is not the best word to describe this type of animal, but it does fit because these hunters just keep coming back, trying something different and doing something funny and unusual in a very strange way. It has become like a family tradition to come back and hunt the same type of animal. It does freak them out that people have a problem with them being out in the woods hunting. And I guess I am no stranger to that feeling when someone is saying things like “dude, what if they get sick?”

The only way to find out for sure is to pay a visit to their spot or see it with your own eyes, which the owner agrees to do, if you ask first. His guessis that it will be a good show because he thinks people will think that he does not know what he is talking about.

And the animals are some of the best hunters that our nation has ever seen, fourth generation hunters that keep coming back to the same spot year after year. And the family of four had not yet moved into their new home when they got caught on deer cam.

In any case, we were not expecting any of this, but we now have a lot of knowledge about what we must do to avoid any more strange wildlife events. We are now all armed and ready, except the odd thing caught on deer cam.