The Odds of Recovering From Heroin Addiction

Not long ago, I read a report on an overdose epidemic in the northeast. The epidemic was getting worse, and in some places the number of deaths was getting out of control. The way to stop the epidemic was pretty clear to me.

Here’s the easy way to prevent deaths from heroin or any other drug: If you are a serious drug addict or you know someone who is, get help immediately. The more help you get the better chance you have of beating your addiction. If you can’t afford the treatment that is needed for heroin addiction you should take the time to get help. Don’t wait any longer.

About two years ago, I went to visit a heroin addicts’ home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I wanted to visit the family of a heroin addict that had killed his family and had been in jail for several years. I met a family that was devastated and in mourning for their lost loved one. I also met a family who had taken the risk of taking him back into their home.

I asked the family how long they had known about the possibility of getting him back into their home. Their answer surprised me. They said it was only a matter of time. A couple of months prior, the addict had been committed to a treatment facility.

When the addict was at the rehab center, he told the staff that he wanted to go back to their home. The staff felt it was safer to let him back then they would be released if he did return.

All of their family members begged them not to let the addict come back to their home, but they knew that the addict’s family was desperate enough to risk their lives for a few moments of happiness with him. He didn’t take them up on their plea, so they decided to release him back to their home.

His family followed the order and sent him to jail. I suppose they thought that if they let him go back to their home, he wouldn’t be able to do it there anymore. Instead, it was too late and the family lost everything because of his decision.

These are the odds of recovering from heroin addiction. It’s not the best bet if you want to have a pleasant, peaceful and successful life, but I don’t see any other way to solve the problem.